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Jewelry Photoshoot

Alyssa Cho - Thursday, February 09, 2017




I had an amazing opportunity to do a product photo shoot for Katelin’s Jewelry Company.

Katelin’s jewelry is handmade by Katelin herself with each piece being beautifully unique and made with special care.

I shot her jewelry with my Canon DSLR outdoors in the lovely afternoon with my lightbox and the beautiful sunshine.


At first, I thought it would be an easy task given that jewelry doesn’t usually move around as much as humans do, and that I could arrange the jewelry precisely as I wanted or needed it to look. Little did I know, that this was actually the reason it could be a difficult task.



I soon realized that arranging the jewelry perfectly to display it well in each photograph, took quite a bit of time. I also began to notice that there are so many different ways you could arrange each piece of jewelry. I am quite aware of the fact that each person carries their own unique look and character and as a photographer you must be able to bring out these qualities in each individual and make it stand out. I have now come to the realization that it is the same with certain products, especially hand-made products. The lesson here was that,

if you want to bring out the uniqueness in each jewelry,

you must also display it uniquely as well.


The second challenge I ran into was working with a steady eagle view with the camera, along with a slightly tilted angle to capture the clarity and glimmer of the gems and pendants.

At the same time, truly capturing the beauty and essence of each piece with no

lighting equipment at all besides the sun and the camera.




It is extremely rare for me to shoot my clients in the afternoon brightest sun, but much to my surprise the brightness of the sun actually turns out great for jewelry photography!

But with a lot of sweat and skill, myself and my client are more than satisfied with the outcome of not just the shoot as a whole, but with each individual piece.

My goal was to show each necklace’s own exclusive style instead of using

the same exact arrangement for each necklace.



But the difference it made for each detail in a necklace was very noticeable.

I have come to the realization that not only is photography an art, but arranging and displaying your products is also an art as well.


Cheers, to all my friends out there who arrange products to look spectacular and unique at the same time. It is truly not an easy task and I believe is underestimated after my experience.



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