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Jewelry Photoshoot

Alyssa Cho - Thursday, February 09, 2017




I had an amazing opportunity to do a product photo shoot for Katelin’s Jewelry Company.

Katelin’s jewelry is handmade by Katelin herself with each piece being beautifully unique and made with special care.

I shot her jewelry with my Canon DSLR outdoors in the lovely afternoon with my lightbox and the beautiful sunshine.


At first, I thought it would be an easy task given that jewelry doesn’t usually move around as much as humans do, and that I could arrange the jewelry precisely as I wanted or needed it to look. Little did I know, that this was actually the reason it could be a difficult task.



I soon realized that arranging the jewelry perfectly to display it well in each photograph, took quite a bit of time. I also began to notice that there are so many different ways you could arrange each piece of jewelry. I am quite aware of the fact that each person carries their own unique look and character and as a photographer you must be able to bring out these qualities in each individual and make it stand out. I have now come to the realization that it is the same with certain products, especially hand-made products. The lesson here was that,

if you want to bring out the uniqueness in each jewelry,

you must also display it uniquely as well.


The second challenge I ran into was working with a steady eagle view with the camera, along with a slightly tilted angle to capture the clarity and glimmer of the gems and pendants.

At the same time, truly capturing the beauty and essence of each piece with no

lighting equipment at all besides the sun and the camera.




It is extremely rare for me to shoot my clients in the afternoon brightest sun, but much to my surprise the brightness of the sun actually turns out great for jewelry photography!

But with a lot of sweat and skill, myself and my client are more than satisfied with the outcome of not just the shoot as a whole, but with each individual piece.

My goal was to show each necklace’s own exclusive style instead of using

the same exact arrangement for each necklace.



But the difference it made for each detail in a necklace was very noticeable.

I have come to the realization that not only is photography an art, but arranging and displaying your products is also an art as well.


Cheers, to all my friends out there who arrange products to look spectacular and unique at the same time. It is truly not an easy task and I believe is underestimated after my experience.



Off to a Rough Start this 2017?

Eric Nunez - Friday, January 27, 2017




Ah, New Years….. where we often find comfort in order and rhythm. Like the street signs that guide us home, or knowing you will get off work at 5pm. The more we can predict out of our day, the more we can plan and accomplish our goals.

We all look towards the end of the cycle to see the beginning of the next one as we enjoy experiencing our goals coming into completion. As humans we tend to only like surprises that are positive such as gifts or bonuses, and we aren’t usually too excited about the bad ones.

As many of us already know the tradition of New Year’s resolutions, we get excited for the first day of the New Year. We begin to get ready to start a "new me," as a person more committed, self-empowered and full of self-motivation. Whether it be a new diet, to exercise more, love people better or make more money, we all have different priorities.

But truth is, we all come up with these every year. Now, let me tell you a little bit about how we planned our year for 2017. We actually started planning our year in October. We worked extremely hard in our planning and started our resolutions sooner than we normally do, so that when 2017 hits we can launch and start the year running full speed. But instead, as soon as New Year's came we both ended up getting a crippling flu that put us out of commission for more than 10 days. The beginning of year 2017 seemed to have different plans for us such as our dog running away. We had to pay a hefty fee to get it out of the pound, got extremely sick, one of our bunnies needed immediate medical attention, and all sorts of inconveniences that we never had foreseen.

Now, looking back and seeing all these unfortunate mishaps, it got me thinking and coming into the realization that it doesn’t really matter how many times we fail or backtrack. What matters is that every time we fall, we pick ourselves up and try again. It might be in a month or 2 months when you will fail at your resolution, or you might come across life’s unexpected inconveniences. Well let me tell you that it doesn’t matter how many times you fail or life fails you, but that you get up and try again. The important thing is to never give up and try again. I think that this should be the most important New Year’s Resolution.


Photographer arrested for taking pictures.

Alyssa Cho - Thursday, May 21, 2015

We have all had our own experiences with law enforcement in the past. But for Photographe Shawn Nee, things got quite out of hand.

"In 2011, Photographer Shawn Nee faced police officers as he photographed in Los Angeles as he was taking photos of a homeless man whose life he had been documenting for many years. P olice showed up at a nearby apartment building to handle a domestic dispute when he was abruptly detained by the LAPD.You  can catch more of the story here.
Los Angeles has agreed to pay a $50,000 settlement to three photographers after they were detained by LA County."

What a Win for Photographers and for Freedom of Speech!

As a photographer myself, this is good news. Freedom of Speech is being liberated even through the lens of a camera. The right to express ourselves in creativity and in knowledge is now happening all over the world. How liberating it is to know that through a camera, we can feel and be more safe. I know that for myself, cops can be intimidating. It is quite true to say that I have had my fair share of encounters with the police. Yes, I know not all police are brutal but I can say that a percentage can be and for those experiences I have been in, I have noticed how ungraceful they can be. Not to say that I haven't experienced good ones as well, there are also good cops out there. But as I said, a large percentage have been pretty cruel to the point where I definitely did not feel safe or that my rights were protected. But who would have thought to whip out your phone or camera and take a video or a picture could change this? I sure didn't. But now I do after watching videos of fellow youtubers or reading multiple articles where a technological device has changed encounters with authority. I haven't done so yet, but the next time I am feeling threatened I might just start recording or taking pictures. I am quite thankful to hear that the law will protect me doing so. It is a good feeling. I love that photographers can use their camera not only to capture the beauty and essence of this world, but that they also reveal truth and tell stories and maybe even protect some human beings and their rights. I am also happy to see that there is a difference being made more and more everyday in the news and in the corruption of LA police. And Hey fellow photographers! Let's use the camera for good too and change the world to a creative and safer place, by using the lends for good. Cheers.


Fold Pot by Emanuele Pizzolorusso: Silicone pots that grow with your plants

Alyssa Cho - Thursday, July 31, 2014

Talk about saving life! What a creative design and a fun way to save the life of your plants
from your busy life. This designer Emanuele Pizzolorusso is a genius! I say this because I
being guilty as charged, have let so quite a few of my first and only plants I've ever had
die away all because I couldn't find the time to replant them. If only I had a bit more time.
Unfortunately time waits for no man. Although there is a way to get around that time
sometimes if we can get really creative. Which is why this plant pot is such a great idea. If
you don't have time to be constantly repotting your plants, this gives you some time... a
pot that grows with your plant. Not only that, but your cat or my cat wouldn't be able to
knock it down and break it from t he windowsill. And it can save you money so you don't
have to buy different sizes of pots since just one will do. So next time you think of buying
some baby plants, maybe you should buy this one size fits all pot as well! I most definitely
will. I just love when designers are not only making the world a more beautiful and fun
place but they also make it an easier place with their creative and accessible insights and
designs. It is very inspiring to me that an idea so simple can save life. Quite amazing.

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